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There are plenty of reasons to dislike it but the intensity of the reaction shows the 15 minute city idea has become just another culture war badge, unfortunately. One side likes it, so the other side has to understand it as a demonic conspiracy/ globalist powergrab. It’s also part of the anti-urbanism of the right- another shame

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The irony is the Tories' own Building Beautiful commission, which gets an equally hysterical reaction from the left, has a very similar ideal of walkable towns and cities, and is also somewhat anti-car. It's difficult to keep up tbh.

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"There are plenty of reasons to dislike it but the intensity of the reaction shows the 15 minute city idea has become just another culture war badge, unfortunately. "

Ironically, it's the people who are framing the backlash in terms of 'far right', 'conspiracy theorists', 'anti-progress' etc who are blocking debate and just dumbing it down into a non-productive culture war. The people who are most intensely opposed to 15 minute cities are not being reactionary, they've been studying the agenda for decades and trying to start up a conversation about it for all of those years! But nobody would listen to what they had to say because Agenda 21 was not quite as obvious back then as it is becoming today. That's why they are somewhat exasperated at this late stage.

John Major signed us up to UN Agenda 21 in 1992 without bothering to tell us what it was, let alone give us a say in whether or not we wanted our infrastructure, planning regulations, culture, economy and the minutiae of our lives to be transformed by it. But the agenda even precedes the Agenda 21 document by several decades.

'UN Agenda 21' means the UN agenda for the 21st century. It is a century long blueprint for how infrastructure and society is to be transformed (with absolutely no consultation with the public). 'Agenda 30' is a milestone within that century long plan (what they want to have achieved by 2030) - again with no consultation with the public.

Getting rid of noisy, smelly traffic, lots of pedestrianisation, local amenities, everything within 15 minutes.... that sounds like they want to make everywhere like Hampstead. Sounds great doesn't it? But the exact same criteria also describes a prison camp. It's all a matter of how it is presented to the public (PR).

People oppose 15 minute cities because they understand they're just another stepping stone towards Agenda 21 'smart cities' which will effectively be prison camps (habitation zones), sold to us under the banner of convenience and 'climate justice'.

Personal mobility (cars) will become so inconvenient and expensive (by design) that people will eventually give up owning them and use state controlled electric taxis (self driving) instead. Now, all journeys will have to be applied for in advance (via an app on your phone), and given permission by the state (or denied). 'Smart cities' will be like living in permanent lockdown (rebranded as 'convenience'). Not only will travel be rationed but calories will be rationed too. Careers will be allocated. You life will be micro managed and surveilled 24/7.

The plan is for everyone to be 'stacked and packed' into these smart cities as the countryside becomes increasingly off limits, or just too expensive as an option. The plan is to link smart cities via high speed rail (just like the Hunger Games! LOL).

Now, if all this sounds like 'conspiracy theory' bear in mind that everything I just mentioned has already been propagandised to our children for more than a decade, and made to look like a wonderful utopia under the banner of 'sustainable development' (a buzzword which comes straight out of Agenda 21).

Watch this propaganda video from 2010 (13 years ago!). This is the future John Major signed us up to in 1992. And bit by bit, it is being implemented exactly as described. 15 minute cities are just the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle....


Are cars dirty and smelly? Yes. Is local based economy and community a good thing? Yes. But can't we end the stupid left/ right culture wars and come together to figure out solutions that benefit us (the people living in these places) ..... instead of leaving it in the hands of globalist 'think tanks' run by billionaires and industrialists who will never have to endure living the 'smart cities' that they design for us?

The same politicians and planners who destroyed the high street over generations are now swooping in to save 'local communities' by putting planters in the middle of the road and CCTV everywhere? Seriously!?

Already ambulances have been blocked from getting to emergencies by the damn planters, and the other day a couple of coaches collided in Oxford and caused gridlock because they can no longer turn effectively due to the new road blockades. This isn't progress, it's sabotage thinly disguised as progress.

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